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3601 Minnesota Drive
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Chiropractic & Treatment Services

Spinal and extremity manipulations: The doctor is highly skilled in chiropractic procedures.  Muscle testing (kinesiology) examination throughout every treatment provides pin point diagnosis to know the location of the cause and how best to accomplish the correction.  Multiple techniques are available including:  

Traditional hands-on adjustments of all the body's joints where necessary.
Drop-piece table corrections that makes the adjustment very comfortable.
Hand held instruments such as the Activator and ArthroStim devices.
BioCranial technique - unlike any other cranial procedure to remove nerve interference throughout the whole body.
SacroOccipital Technique - gentle pelvic wedge blocking.
Soft tissue corrections to the imbalanced muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia components.  The net effect is often rapid pain relief and stabilization of muscle balance and strength.
(Click on the Chiropractic Adjustments menu tab to the left for more information)

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture can be an effective choice for pain relief, condition treatment and prevention of illness or maintaining wellness for life.  The doctor can recommend adjunctive acupuncture to treat low back pain, carpal tunnel or other recurrent musculoskeletal issues.  Acupuncture can also be used to treat the whole body for health problems such as migraine headaches, irritable bowel, infertility and many other conditions.  (Please click on the Acupuncture tab for more information on types of condition that the doctor has had success with, and the technology breakthrough called Digital Meridian Imaging to diagnose the  acupuncture imbalanced energy channels)

We offer traditional needle insertion technique that is typically not a painful experience but rather a relaxing one.   We also offer non-needle treatment including the amazing Low Level Laser Therapy (soft medical laser).  Laser therapy has many years of scientific research  proving its' effectiveness to heal tissue.  Microcurrent electrical stimulation is another non-needle alternative that has a gentle minimal sensation.

Nutritional Therapy

Many patients are consuming a diet that is lacking in some of the basic nutrients.  When there is an injury or health condition, the nutritional needs can be amplified.   The doctor has an extensive background in clinical nutrition and may recommend specific nutritional supplements to aid in the recovery of the health problem.  (Please click on the Nutritional /Functional Medicine tab for additional information)

Additional Diagnostic Procedures

Many of our patients come from all over the world in the quest to identify the cause of their health problem.  The doctor has years of experience in a variety of conventional medical tests such as MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, blood tests, etc. that may need to be done to understand the root cause.  In addition, alternative tests can be implemented that go to a deeper level of assessment including the following:

Functional Medicine Laboratory Tests:  Testing for nutrient deficiency and chemical / metal toxic overload, nutritional needs based upon genetic profile.  Examples: leaky gut syndrome, hidden intestinal infections affecting the whole body, detoxification or toxin clearance impairments that indicate higher specific levels of nutrients, mineral and omega-3 fatty acid deficits, excessive free radical oxidation leading to disease risk and accelerated aging, brain neurotransmitter imbalance and many other considerations.(please click on on Nutritional / Functional Medicine tab for more information)

Applied Kinesiology Testing: Manual muscle testing protocols can be used to assess energy imbalances, inflamed or irritated nerve endings in the tissues and joints that once identified can lead to direct chiropractic corrections to create pain relief, balance, harmony and well being in the area.  Kinesiology can be used for a host of other complementary assessments in the emotional & chemical balance, food sensitivity, cosmetic, vitamin and dental material tolerance, and other areas of need.

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