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Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

The Center for Well Being has added Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy to our services. PEMF can repair tissues that are damaged or not functioning very well. PEMF is based upon many years of high quality medical studies that demonstrate that it can rejuvenate our cells and the results have often been very remarkable for many patients. PEMF provides advanced injury repair and pain elimination. Many treated patients have noted that their pain levels are significantly reduced or eliminated. They report that they are sleeping better and can have an overall sense of higher well being. PEMF is a new option to consider if your recurrent condition is not responding to medications or other treatment methods.

PEMF has been popularized on the Dr. Oz show as a “revolutionary cure for pain” that will change the practice of medicine. Dr. Oz explains that “magnetic therapy uses the power of magnetic energy to redirect electrical impulses to the areas where you feel pain so relief and healing can begin.”

What is PEMF?

PEMF involves passing a magnetic field through the body. While an MRI scan uses pulsed magnetic fields to see structures within the body, PEMF transmits pulsing magnetic fields through the tissues for healing. PEMF produces an increase in cellular energy (called ATP) that results in a more vibrant and stronger cell. Every cell in our body is like a mini-battery that requires the voltage to be at an optimal level. Just like a cell phone that becomes drained, the ability to transmit and receive a strong signal is impaired and then needs to be recharged. Our tissues are no different. The tissues are “recharged” with PEMF and then all of the chemical messages within and between cells can now happen.

PEMF relieves pain partly by desensitizing pain nerves. It does this by polarizing the nerve cell membrane and thereby decreasing the sensitivity of the pain nerve to pain receptors. PEMF has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation. PEMF stimulates healing of tissues by promoting blood and lymph flow, and by stimulating cellular production of ATP. ATP is the energy molecule that each and every cell in the body uses to function. With more ATP available, cells and tissues are able to heal more quickly.

Benefits of PEMF

What is a PEMF treatment like?

A typical treatment involves sitting or lying down next to the PEMF device. The chair and bed cushion are imbedded with treatment coils and the doctor may also use pads or ring coils that are applied to specific areas of the body for focused treatment. An electric current runs through the coils which in turn emits a magnetic field. One will feel a pulsing sensation that provides passive exercise to the local muscles and tissues, and many will feel some mild warmth and a sense of relaxation.

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