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Fire in the Gut

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The Center for Well Being understands the primary importance of screening our patients for undiagnosed gluten intolerance.  It is one of the most common problems that we diagnose and we can give the correct dietary and nutritional therapies.  It is much more than just avoiding gluten. 

Nutritional deficits and additional food intolerances occur when the intestinal lining becomes 'leaky', and we have the academic and clinical experience to address these so that health resolution can occur.  We have helped a wide swath of patients with diverse health conditions by addressing food intolerances/sensitivity,  leaky gut syndrome and the hidden gut infections rampant in most people.  In addition, it is now shown in published studies that many people have these issues and they may be symptom-free for the moment.

There is a 'fire in the belly' happening in many, many people and they typically have no idea that this is happening to them.  This fire is often the leading cause of a wide range of health problems that affect the skin, brain, organs, hormone tissues, blood vessels, muscles, nerves and so forth.  The picture above reflects the damaging effects of dietary gluten found in bread, crackers, pasta, desserts, etc.  Celiac disease can devastate the intestinal lining causing a lack of absorption of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, etc. that will then lead to additional health diseases such as bone loss (osteoporosis) or perhaps permanent lesions in the brain that can cause severe neurological issues.

The digestive system is home to nearly 70% of the body's immune cells.  These immune cells are separating friend from foe and defending the body as a front line defense stationed along the surface of the intestinal surface.  Detecting the good vs. bad bacteria, yeast, parasites can elicit inflammatory messages that reach everywhere in the body.  Reacting against foods that are not healthy or perceived as an 'enemy' by producing antibodies and pro-inflammatory chemical messages throughout the body - such as the joints, muscles, brain, thyroid and so forth.

One needs to realize that the total surface area of our small intestine is approximately the size of a tennis court!  This is where we digest and absorb our food and let our immune system interact with the foods, microbes, synthetic and natural chemical compounds, toxic chemicals. 

Our office specializes in correcting the 'leaky gut' or increased intestinal permeability.  To have a healthy body and the ability to prevent the escalating autoimmune diseases (lupus, arthritis, thyroid, etc.), requires that any leakiness is stopped and corrected.  The functional medicine approach is the answer.

We encourage you to set up a consultation to evaluate these important digestive issues if you have any chronic, unresolved health issue. 

The following list of conditions is an abbreviated example that can be linked to an aberrant immune system along the gut, intestinal leakiness and digestive microbial imbalances.



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