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3601 Minnesota Drive
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Nutritional Products

The doctor recommends the highest quality and potency of nutritional supplements.  We offer a complete list of nutritional blends with over 700 products to choose from.

      Multiple vitamin / minerals
          (Essentials Multi, Magtein, B-complex, etc.)
      Omega-3 fish oils  (OmegaPure EPA DHA 1000, etc.)

      Brain rejuvenation:  Brain Restore, Brain Support

      Dynamic Fruits & Greens drink mix
      Medical food drink mixes:
           Dynamic GI Restore, Dynamic Detox, Dynamic Inflam Eze, Dynamic Daily Meal, Dynamic Brain Restore, Dynamic Intestinal Cleanse, Dynamic Fiber

      Protein powders (Dynamic Daily Meal)

      Calcium and bone builders                          

      Vitamins: B complex, Vitamin D3 with K2, Vitamin C 500 BioComplex, etc.      
      Super high potency probiotics (Ultrabiotics Daily Extra Strength, etc.)

Anti-microbial plant extracts
High potency botanical extracts (Cortisol Pro, Inflam Eze Plus, Herbal Eze, etc.)
Immune boosters (Immune Resilience, Immune Support, Vitamin D3 5000,             Zinc Pro, etc.)

This on-line ordering website includes the brands Nutridyn, Progressive Labs, Montiff and Dynamic Nutritional Associates.  You will be ordering directly from the distributor in Minnesota and they will ship to your address.  The following website will include a 10% discount. 

Steps to set up a Nutri-dyn account

    It only takes a few minutes to create an account.
1. Go to the website

2. Set up a personal account with your own personal information

3. The account number to enter is:  101005


To order Thorne Research nutritional products, you can create your own account and order these products yourself:

1) Go the website

2) Click on Login in right upper corner

3) Proceed to lower right with the Personal Account section.  Enter in the following code:                               HCP1001845
4) Proceed to the Account information page to fill in your personal address and so forth

5) Once your account is set up, you can order Thorne products online.






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