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3601 Minnesota Drive
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"Dr. Mayfield is one of the best providers in the Minneapolis area.  He goes above and beyond, offering holistic, individual care for his patients.  He offers a wide range of services, from functional medicine and acupuncture, to nutritional support and genetic counseling.  He is honest, positive and encouraging.  He is incredibly intelligent and is willing to do research for you in order to find the root cause of your problem.  He helped my family discover the concept that "food is medicine" after my younger brother had been sick for years with undiagnosed food allergies.  Since then, our entire family has seen him for chiropractic and functional medicine support.  Our family would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve their health."  K.D., January 2018

"For several months I was in terrible pain in my neck, ears  and entire head.  My head felt heavy and I had trouble keeping my balance.  I had been seen by several doctors with NO results.  A friend suggested I see Dr. Mayfield and after a brief consultation and examination, Dr. Mayfield concluded I had several pinched nerves in my neck.  After one treatment I felt much better and with just four treatments I Feel Great!   Thank you Dr. Mayfield. " R.D.

"I started seeing Dr. Mayfield for a variety of reasons, one being that my blood pressure was 200/100 in July 2008.  As of February 2009 my blood pressure is 120/73 after a regimen of vitamin D, fish oil and other nutritional supplements suggested by Dr. Mayfield"  K.B

"For years I have battled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with what I thought was no hope in sight.  After two months of some tests, changing my diet and following the program Dr. Mayfield put together, I feel like a new person.  I'm so grateful and can't explain in words how blessed I feel to have a new life!"  S.D.

"I had been experiencing significant pain, numbness, tingling and losing grip strength in my hands for many years.  I was informed by a doctor that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and the only solution was to have surgery on both wrists.  I was also told that the surgery may not work and that future surgeries and medications may be necessary.  I was treated by Dr. Mayfield with chiropractic adjustments to my neck, elbows and wrists along with some acupuncture and special muscle and tendon techniques on my lower arms.  I felt some relief right away and after 3 months I had no more symptoms at all!  I am so thankful to have my hands back and I was able to avoid surgery and medications."  G.M.

"Our son is diagnosed with autism and a language delay.  When he first started seeing Dr. Mayfiel at the age of six, he had the classic autism symptoms.  He had little eye contact, didn't talk much, and very delayed social skills.  After working with Dr. Mayfield for seven years, our son has good eye contact, is very verbal, and is coming along with his social skills.  He is mainstreamed with typical children in a large middle school and is doing very well.  He has made many friends and is very well liked.  The advice and supplemental support we have received from Dr. Mayfield has been very instrumental in helping our son, and we will continue to do so and as long as our son needs it!  The changes we have seen in our son are remarkable, and we are happy to have Dr. Mayfield's support along the way." A.M.

"Thanks to Dr. Mayfield's expert guidance and compassionate support, we have our son back in our life! After his 18 month vaccination, he had a profound loss of speech, minimal facial recognition, severe temper tantrum episodes and a failure to thrive on all levels.  He was diagnosed with regressive autism spectrum and we felt stunned as there was no medical solution offered.  Dr. Mayfield did special blood and urine tests and found out that our son had food allergies, intestinal bacteria imbalances, vitamin deficiencies and elevated levels of mercury and lead.   It has been almost a year after changing the diet, supplementing nutrients and safely detoxifying his body.   We could notice immediate improvements in his mood and eye contact and was more engaged with us and his sister.   While there is still room for improvement, his speech is coming back full force and he is thriving again.  We are are now hopeful that our son will have a bright future!"  A.S.

"I had seen many doctors for intense pains in my legs, arms and back.  The last diagnosis given was fibromyalgia and was given more pain medication, sleeping pills and anti-depressants that made me feel flat and dull.  Dr. Mayfield started with some Biocranial treatments and added specific food supplements after finding some deficiencies and toxins.  It has been six months now and I hardly have any pain at all and I am back in the gym working out again.   No more drugs either.  Life is good!" S.L.

"Dr. Mayfield: I just wanted to write a note to you regarding 'Sam'.  As his teacher has stated to us - it is a miracle!  To date, we rarely see any tics and he has a newfound confidence!  We recently had school conferences and all of the prior issues are no longer a problem.  Many, many thanks to you!"  K.J.

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